Ron Baggett

Licensed Massage Therapist
2017 - Present

My bodywork is rooted in the practice of meditation which I began spontaneously as a small child in the 1970’s and systematically began to develop during my undergraduate studies in the mid 80’s.

Through the 90’s, my interest in bodywork grew as I experienced massage therapy, energy therapy and acupuncture as a client. I also began studying subtle energy work and developing my intuitive skills to sense and interact with subtle energy patterns in myself and others. By the time I entered massage therapy training in 1999, I had received hundreds of bodywork sessions from dozens of practitioners using diverse modalities. The experiences of receiving bodywork enriched the breadth and depth of my practice as a developing Massage Therapist. I am certified in Watsu, Lymphatic Massage, Medical Massage and Comfort Touch Therapy. I have practiced in spa and athletic club settings and have a decade of experience working with hospice and palliative care teams to support those with life limiting illness. These experiences have culminated in my ability to craft massage sessions that cultivate nurturing self-care, especially for individuals experiencing physical, emotional, social or spiritual stress and transitions. My bodywork continues to evolve as I increase my knowledge of the best evidence based massage practices and fold them into the recipe of skills, techniques and intuitive mindfulness I bring together in my sessions.

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