Nicole Jelks

Licensed Esthetician
Makeup Artist & Lash Extension Stylist
2015 - Present

I can remember, as a little girl, watching my mom go through her beauty routine, using all of her lotions and potions in bottles with pink tops.  It fascinated me, and I wondered if they held the key to her beauty.  This led to my love of skincare products and makeup. 

I started in the spa industry as a nail technician, but once I understood an esthetician's role, I knew it was my calling.  As soon as I could, I enrolled in esthetic school, graduated in 2000, and never looked back. Immediately I was intrigued by the science of skin, and how it responds to touch and ingredients.  Though I was fortunate to have great skin as a teenager, in my mid twenties I developed severe acne and was willing to try anything to make it go away.  This journey lasted into my thirties. 

Although I'd always had what I considered a good skincare routine, even despite the severe acne, I saw first hand in esthetic school how a customized regimen and carefully selected products and treatments allowed my skin to rapidly change for the better.  I also remember how the results positively impacted my self-esteem.  Since then, it's been my goal to find out what results my clients desire, to educate them on what's happening with their skin, how it can be fixed, and then help them to find the best routine for their needs and lifestyle.  To be able to use touch to relax their mind and rejuvenate their soul is the cherry on top.

To stay on the cutting edge of the skincare industry, I regularly enroll in continuing education classes and research product ingredients and new treatments. My career has afforded me the opportunity to practice skincare in very diverse settings. I am a specialist in hair removal, eyebrow design, and makeup artistry. I am fortunate to have found a career that gives me so much satisfaction and I am also blessed to work here at Fabu with a team of talented professionals who share my passion. I can't wait to meet you!